Little Eco Heroes Podcast – Kids want to change the world

Little Eco Heroes Podcast – Kids want to change their world

Little Eco Heroes Podcast | 10-year-olds draw attention to global environmental problems & explain them. Children explain words related to sustainability.

Global environmental problems
global warming
environmental Protection
How do we leave the world for our children. The world belongs to our children. You are the future.
Children have a say!

8 thoughts on “Little Eco Heroes Podcast – Kids want to change the world

  1. Ms. Conde says:

    WOW! I am SO proud of you both. I loved listening to your first podcast. I cannot wait to hear more from you guys about how we can work together to save the planet. Thank you both for leading the way to a better world!

  2. Sidney says:

    I love it. So clever, kids who talk about our environmental problems and want to change it. Very informative. Keep it up

  3. Christiane Steinbrenner says:

    Well done guys! Everybody in the world should work against the global warming. Everybody can do little things, every day to help saving our world! I do my best to leave a better world for you! Please, go on with this podcast! I hope, many people will hear you and will follow you!

    1. Claudia says:

      Thank you very much Christiane! We highly appreciate your comment. Stay tuned more podcasts will follow

  4. Mohammad Gadi says:

    It is really cool I like the idea of trying to change the world to something better but I must sadly say I heard a lot of ehh umm …. and all that.

    1. Claudia says:

      Thank you for your praise and criticism. Stay tuned for more podcasts. We will pass your comments on and the guys will try to improve.


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