Economic Work Enviorment

Better performance in a sustainable work environment

Recent research has shown that companies that invest in a sustainable work environment perform better.

A company’s attitude towards sustainability also plays an important role for consumers.

We spend a lot of time at work or at school. A sustainable work environment makes a long working day less stressful and more enjoyable.

The damage to our ecosystem must be eliminated.

This could take the form of implementing sustainable initiatives and in investing renewable energy sources at the work environment.

Home Office

If possible, offer home office jobs for theverse employees.

Many people work more effectively and creatively when they can organize their working hours themselves and work from anywhere in the world.

Virtual conferences

This means that smaller office spaces or the like are also required. rent, driveways, electricity and water can be saved. Instead of scheduling face-to-face meetings with employees, customers, or partners, you can hold webinars.

Of course only if personal presence is required. This saves energy, time and other resources (e.g. travel costs, electricity and water, etc.).

It also ensures the inclusion for more participants, especially if the location is an obstacle.

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint

Sustainable vehicles and commutes

Acquisition of electric, hybrid or hydrogen powered vehicles

Companies can encourage employees to do so by taking them to work on foot, by bike, car pooling or using electric vehicles.

Encourage the provision of work-from-home guidelines.

Set up a bike rack for employees and customers. Provide company bikes including bike locks that staff can use at lunchtime, and invest in a few extra bike locks that users can use if they forget theirs.

Green Energy

After leaving the workplace, switch off the power instead of letting the devices run on standby.

If possible purchased greener electronics.

Choose a green electricity plan from your electricity supplier.

Generate natural electricity yourself through green electricity sources such as solar and wind energy. Install solar panels on the roof if your company can.

optimal use of natural light

Place workplaces next to the windows, possibly build in larger windows.

Natural light increases the production rate and creativity. Natural sunlight determines the body’s daily rhythm and provides us with vitamin D.

Make the most of it.

Install and replace devices with intelligent socket strips, lighting fixtures with LEDs, sensors and timers for the lighting. They reduce energy consumption and the cost of electricity bills.

Set the thermostat consistently, not too cold and not too warm.

Many companies tend to turn up the air conditioning fully when the outside temperature is getting higher.

Sustainable Eating

Stock your vending machines and cafeterias with healthy and fresh foods. Pay attention to seasonal and local food, best possible.

Set up a snack bar with fresh juices, smoothies and teas, or water with lemon, mint or cucumber. Nuts, fruits and salads.

Offer your employees reusable dishes instead of styrofoam and plastic containers.

Workplace Wellness

Training programs during the working day can be included in an employee plan. Workouts/Yoga at work. Setting up a sports room / meditation room and extra breaks for it. This affects their health and also makes them more productive.

Allow employees to use a standing desk or sit / exercise ball to create an ergonomic workplace.

Motivate employees to use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.

Provide bicycles for breaks. the employees will appreciate it very much and work more productively.

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