World of Sustainability Webinar – Water Resources – Water purification

Video of the World of Sustainability Webinar – Subject World Water Day

World of Sustainability Webinar

Sustainability in Hotels & Spas | Water Resources – Water purification

Speaker are:

Lucy Brialey – is the Co -Founder and Director of the Sustainable Spa Association

Claire Pearson – Director of Business Development, Belu Water

Changing the way the world sees water by 2030

Silvia Giannini – is the Architect

Biohealthy water is an innovative system of food grade gasses that can be installed to breakdown and eliminate or to prevent the build up of limestone and biofilm and consequently preventing legionella and amoeba. It makes water transparent, lighter and free of impurities

Paul Schenk – Director of Infinity Water Systems for the Middle East

Eliminate plastic water bottles from hotels, restaurants, bars and further afield.

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