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The World of Sustainability non-profit organization focuses on environmental & ecological issues in hospitality business that affect people & our environment worldwide:

Plastic free & sustainable products, clean energy, green living

We can make the difference!

We use a multidisciplinary approach to tackle these environmental problems and avoid duplicating efforts already done by others. 

Tourism connects people with nature and urban environment, it has the unique ability to spur environmental responsibility and conservation.

what we do today-affects our tomorrow

As urban populations grow, the quality of the urban environment, will play an increasingly important role in public health. 

everyone has to lend a hand. sustainability is about doing more good

But when tourism is not sustainable, it can have the opposite effect and devastate the environments it relies on. If we want to preserve the wild places that inspire us, we must take care to minimize our harmful impacts and protect the fragile ecosystems we visit. 

WoOfSu-consequences for the hotel & spa

Travel allows us to discover some of our planet’s most stunning natural wonders and diverse ecosystems. From vibrant coral reefs and lush rainforests to snowy landscapes and soaring mountain peaks, our natural world provides countless opportunities for exploration. 

sustainability - the way of work & life

We as the Hospitality industry have a responsibility to preserve those wonderful places for the next generations to come.

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