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The next topic is: Financial impact of sustainability in business

What are the financial differences when switching to sustainable products?
E.g. replace plastic products with:

  • Compostable biopolymer garbage bags
  • Compostable films – organic cling film
  • Natural straws
  • Organic sheets and films for spa treatments
  • Plastic-free slippers / hotel & spa shoes
  • Plastic free guest amenities
  • Wood and bamboo amenities
  • And much more

How can we save water or electricity, or obtain it from natural resources without impairing the service for our guests?

Advantages and disadvantages?

How do guests and employees feel about it?

The next webinar will be very interesting and focus on finance.

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Sustainability in Hotels & Spas

Water ResourcesWater purification

World Water Day

22nd March 2021

Speaker are: Lucy Brialey, Claire Pearson, Silvia Giannini & Paul Schenk

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The sustainable topics include:

– organic products

– zerowaste products

– zerowaste manufacturers and suppliers

– fair trade

– unpackaged stores

– plastic free

– recycling

– biodegradable

– community

– hospitality

– team work

Environment Friendly

That’s science-based, customized, scalable and delivers results

We create and administer practical, user-friendly corporate wellness programs that educate and empower employees to make sustainable lifestyle choices. Using an interactive and holistic approach to disease prevention, we incorporate nutrition education, stress management, sleep hygiene and financial well-being into our wellness programming.

In addition to our on-site programs, we offer virtual solutions through a fully customizable cloud-based Strive Portal. This proprietary tool bridges the gap between on-site and virtual, web-based wellness programs to create a robust and dynamic solution that engages participants and empowers them to achieve sustainable behavior change.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world!

Nelson Mandela
April 2024
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